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Free Box breakout forex MT4 custom indicator

box breakout mt4  indicator screenshot Hello traders, here is another simple and important indicator that could profit you called “Box Breakout” mt4 custom indicator. Possible for use as a trading system. Simply copy the indicator to your expert-indicator folder and open your chart.
From the screenshot, I’m using a 1hour chart with BOX INPUT PERIOD of 4hours of LONDON Opening (Red Region). You can change it to whatever period you want by going to the indicator properties-input.
Enter a trade as soon as the price breaks box’s high or low.


Indicator Strength MT4 Custom indicator

Here is a Free MT4 Forex Intraday trading indicator – the power of 3 indicators in 1. This indicator displays MA, MACD and STOCHASTIC in histogram form effectively. This good combination of MA, MACD and Stochastic indicators gives you power/strength behind every price moves.

BUY when the first green histogram goes above the zero line while
SELL when the first red histogram goes below the zero line.

“Strength Histogram MT4 Indicator”
Time frames: 15min, 30min, 1hour, 4hours
Pairs: All Major pairs

If you find this useful, please post your comment.


Fisher Custom MT4 Custom Indicator

Dear trader, the fisher is a another free great MT4 indicator that detects the trend and its strength for you. The way it works is very simple, it does not use any standard indicator in MT4 for its calculations. From the screenshot you will notice that Uptrend moves are marked with a green Histogram while that of the download trend moves are marked with a red histogram. As a trader you know what to do when the histogram is either green or red. BUY when the histogram is printing GREEN and SELL when the histogram is printing RED.

Input parameters:

* period (default = 10) — the period in bars, on which to calculate the maximum and minimum. The higher is the value the less false trend change signals occur but the more this indicator lags. Post your comment if you find this very helpful.


Float MT4 Custom Indicator

Hello trader, here is a powerful trend analyzer. The float MT4 indicator that analyzes the previous chart history for the given currency pair and then tries to analyze the trends in the current situation. It shows the trends’ beginnings and ends in a separate chart window and the Fibonacci retracement levels combined with the DiNapoli levels on the main chart.

Input parameters:

* float (default = 200) — the amount of bars to process for trend analysis. The lower is the number the more current the data will be but the less accurate the analysis will be.
* use_fibos (default = 1) — if 1 then Fibonacci retracements will be drawn on chart. If 0 then Fibonacci retracements won’t be drawn on chart.
* Backtesting (default = 0) — doesn’t affect anything.

Check out the screenshot, you will notice that the trend actually ended at a point and eventually forming a new trend beginning. You can use the fibonacci retracement levels for your profit target and take profit.
BUY or SELL when you notice a change in trend. Pair: All pairs, TF: All time frames.

Sidus Free MT4 Custom Indicator

Hello traders, here is another powerful MT4 custom indicator for you to download and use. The way it works is very simple. This indicator prints a blue arrow on your chart when an opportunity of entering a trade comes. BUY – when a blue arrow pointing upward is printed on your chart and SELL – when a blue arrow pointing downward is printed on your chart.

Note that this free MT4 indicator works best only on LONDON and NEW YORK market sessions.

I am committed to your success. DOWNLOAD HERE

Free Trendline MT4 Custom Indicator

Screenshot Here is another useful free trend line MT4 custom indicators. The Indicator draws a channel with explanation (informer in the left top corner of the chart)

Input variables:

Suggestions for use:
1. Determinate a current trend of any pair. ( Important: trade
follow a trend. Very useful indicator to be used with any buy/sell tool)

2. Open a trade on a trend change ( trend line confirmed breakout )
– trend line confirmed breakout: a whole candle must close above
or below a trend line – strong signal for a trend change.


Dmark Free MT4 Custom Indicator

Dmark trendline screenshotHere is a powerful free MT4 indicator for you. This is suitable for traders who love trading the trends. I believe you find the custom forex tool very useful. The way it works is very simple, does not require any experience except you are a newbie in the currency market. The indicator draws two trend lines on your chart a Red and a Green. Enter trades only when there is a confirmed break out above or below the trendline. If you know how chart patterns works, this is very simple for you. Let me know if you profit from this.


Freeway Forex MT4 Custom Indicator

Forex freeway 2 MT4 indicator is based on cci indicator. this indicator analyzes multiple cci from several time frames 15min, 30min, 1hour, 4hours. the idea is to enter trades when there is a global trend that is when all the cci agrees a particular trend.
When all the 4time frames of the freeway MT4 indicator are green-BUY
and wehen all the 4time frames of the freeway MT4 indicator are red-SELL.


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