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10 free forex mt4 custom indicators

Hello traders,

I have added some forex custom mt4 indicators for you to download and test. Note that you can always develop a good trading method with it. Trading with custom forex mt4 indicators solely depends on the trader, perhaps no indicator is perfect on earth.

Download the indicators from the link below and test your ideas.

10 Free Forex MT4 Indicators

Indestructible Trend Winner

Here is system called indestructibletrendwinner for you to download free. Go through the user guide and see how it works before using it in trading.

Download from the link below and enjoy….


Forex super scalper

Here is a new powerful scalping strategy just launched which includes a 1min tf Scalping ROBOT as a bonus. There is “something” which happening a couple of times a day with the same Forex pairs This is when you can make real money! It is absolutely possible to have 90 or even 100 winning trades out of 100… All you need is to know the secret and exact trading algorithm.

An unique tool for the fast, never seen before super easy profit:
Use the “Forex super scalper” and you won’t have to worry about keeping open positions for a long time. “Forex Super Scalper ” – 100 -250 pips daily can be yours! There is no way to fail if you follow simple rules..

If you learn the one hidden secret which is repeated daily and hourly for years, you could make an incredible profit! The “Forex Super Scalper” is all you need! Anyone could make money with our secret..
even without trading experience…I would say more
– the system is so simple that anyone could use it even if you
just started Forex..

Use the “Forex super scalper” and you won’t have to worry about keeping open positions for a long time. “Forex Super Scalper “. 100 -250 pips daily can be yours! This is Guaranteed if you follow the rules.

There are some hidden short term (scalping) secret trades which happen many times a day with the same Forex pairs. This is when you can make real money! It is absolutely possible to have 9 or even 10 winning trades out of 10… All you need is to know – the secret methods and exact trading algorithms known to the group of trading elite.

Official website:

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Trend Dinamic Index Free MT4 Indicator

Hello trader, Free forex powerful indicator: Double signal and trend strength – all in 1.
The indicator draws a current trend buy or sell opportunity in “double confirmed mode”
When both arrows in the same direction – it is a double (confirmed signal) – Place an order.
When arrows printed in opposite way – (not confirmed signal)- no trades.


Let me know how perfect it is for you.

super profit forex custom mt4 indicator

Hello, here is a free great scalping tool called super profit indicator. This powerful super profit forex custom indicator is one the best scalping indicator developed by karl dittman. The way it works is very simple; BUY SIGNAL when the line changes to GREEN and SELL SIGNAL when the line changes to RED, all accompanied with sound alert.
Check it out and let me know if you made good pips with it.


Quickfib Forex custom mt4 indicator

Hello trader, here is a forex custom mt4 indicator for you. Quick Fibonacci Indicator automatically updated fibo levels using lowest low and the highest high in the currently visible portion of your chart.

How to use:
Indicator also draws two trend-lines, resistance (from the highest high to the high that creates the trend-line with the highest slope) Opposite for the support line. A rectangle showing the amount of the move not yet retraced, so you can see clearly what to trade, where are important fibo support and resistance levels,
trend-lines… QuickFib is very powerful trading tool.

Let me know if you find this helpful.

strategy of forex trading

Do you value your time and money? If yes, then Forex is an easy source that will help you to multiply your profit of your business. Forex currency trading is the modus operandi where you can have greater return on your investment. There is no doubt that Forex is considered to be the main player in the financial market. It is the convenient way where one can trade International Currency.

Internet Forex trading

Internet has made the online financial marketing especially the Forex Trading strategy is one of the easiest way for the traders. The forex market has boomed tremendously during the year time. Today you can complete the Forex trading strategy by just sitting at one place or home. In fact, buying and selling in this international market means that one should have knowledge about the present scenario of the foreign exchange market. In such cases, the forex signals plays a vital role by providing information about the time that will be suitable for investing money in the Foreign exchange market which in return would be profit making for the traders.

Forex trading signal

Forex signals are usually the recommendations from the seasoned experts of forex strategy system that will give you real-time advice. This Forex signals will help you to get the records of the present foreign exchange market. Forex trading signals will also help to contrive through the valleys, hills and other malfunction that can occur at any second of time. Forex trading signal will provide Forex signals that will update you about the changes that have taken place in the forex trading system. They will sends forex alerts through the help of emails, phone or messages. But the service of Forex strategy system is not free of cost your have to pay a certain amount or nominal subscription fee for effective functioning. However, you can generate these signals yourself by taking advantage of my collection premium forex custom mt4 indicators as well as free collection free forex mt4 custom indicator.

In forex strategy system, the dealing of foreign currencies are actually in pair that means exchanging one currency over the other. For instance, the Forex trading strategy takes place amongst the four foremost currency pairs i.e. British Pound and USD (GBP/USD), Euro and USD (EUR/USD), Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) and Swiss Frank (USD/CHF) USD.

In fact, there is a requirement for Forex trading strategy in order to dominate the international market. By taking the help of Forex trading strategy you can have a profitable venture and safe a great deal of money.

Forex currency trading needs a lot of understanding, knowledge time and self restraint that will help a forex trader to earn huge profits by applying correct trading tactics. In Forex currency trading, you can avoid the conventional media of advertising and marketing. Forex currency trading is better option available in the financial market than any other stock market. If you are interested in starting any kind of new venture, then forex currency trading will be a good choice as it is reasonable. To get consistent winning percent, try my collection of premium forex custom mt4 indicators.

bband-stop free forex custom mt4 indicator

bband_stop forex custom mt4 indicator screenshot Hello trader, here is a free forex custom mt4 indicator for you to download and use. BBands_Stop indicator is a great tool which will show you exactly when to enter and exit to make high profit in Forex market.

The way it works, is very simple to use:
Buy when a RED dot changes to green, Sell when a GREEN dot changes to red.
Use BBands_Stop to trail your stops. Just play with indicator settings to define the best inputs for your trading. Let me know if you find this helpful.


Forex trend setter mt4 custom indicator

forex trend setter screenshot Hello traders, here is a great forex MT4 custom indicator for you to download and try out. Forex trend setter works great only if appliedcorrectly. Like i said in my recent post, no matter the type of tool you are using work must be done in order achieve incredible winning ratio. This custom MT4 indicator is sold at $47 from the official website but you can download it here free.
If downloaded and unzipped, the following files are included;
FTSManualv1 (User guides with screenshots)
For this forex mt4 custom indicator to work for you, ensure that you understand the way it works, detailed in the PDF manual. Let me know if you find it helpful.


EZtrender forex mt4 custom indicator

Dear traders, i have a good trading package for you today. Here is a good premium MT4 custom trend indicator called EZtrender. This is recommended for use only in LONDON and NEW YORK market sessions. This mt4 indicator is suitable for use in combination of other trading systems as a filter and confirmation tool especially if you are using a premium forex mt4 custom indicator. Never worry about the price, i’m giving out free.
If you want to use it as a trading system, it’s very easy! Recommended “30min, 1hour time frames swing trader“.

Only two simple rules:

1. Choose a currency pair which is trending the most. This is determined by the slope (angle) of price or moving average. The currency pairs with the steepest incline or decline are trending the most and are candidates for the EZtrender trade.

2. Apply the EZtrender template. Buy when EZtrender turns Green AND above the 34 SMA indicator (included in templates). Or, Sell when EZtrender turns Red AND below the moving average. Get out when the EZtrender changes color on a closed candle.
Download and read the user guide in PDF before use. Post your comment if you found this helpful.
Happy Trading..


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