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Dream Signals V3


Get ready forex world because it is the return of Dream Signals! The one series that started it all and was a super hit. For people who don’t remember our Dream Signals software’s will get a chance to witness how great it was.  From Dream Signals version 1.83 to 2.0( also known as the Ultimate Forex Mastersystem) to 2.5 (Alphon-Omega), and now it is Dream Signals 3. It has been years since we have taken Dream Signals off the shelf. We decided to bring back a totally new state of the art version of Dream Signals. For people who love and depend on indicators, this software contains a good amount of indicators that will SHOCK you, if you use it like you are supposed to. They are EXTREMELY easy to use and very powerful. The confirmations are what makes this system\software so powerful. It is not the signal of just 1. It is a successful combination of high powered multiple calculations that are combined to give you a BUY\SELL signal. This is also what will make your forex trading very very safe. By just looking at the pictures, you will easily offhand probably already know how to use it. YES! Its that simple. Its basically only signals you have to follow. You do not need to analyze. Its already done for you. You will see how easy forex can be when you stick with the best indicators available. We have been trading forex for years and have accounts with numerous brokers and will caution you that if you don’t equip yourself with the right tools, forex trading can be very risky. It is software’s like Dream Signals, that provide easiness and great results for any trader with any level of experience. As you can see from our other forex software’s, ours is much different then other peoples. It is more classy and far more professional with much much more special features!

Dream Signals Scalper

  • (3 confirmations in one signal)

Lets take a look at the first tool in the Dream Signals software called the “Dream Signals Scalper“. This is one of the best scalping tools ever! Look to the top far right of the chart below. You will see 3 check marked boxes, and below will be an actual signal given to you, when the conditions are met. In this case, we only see one box checked which means only one condition is met. This is a good sign, but not enough for us to enter a scalp trade. Until all 3 conditions are met, you will clearly see a message that says the exact warning DO NOT TRADE. We are looking for all 3 boxes to be checked and awaiting a Buy or Sell message….


Look at this example of a perfect scalp trade. All 3 conditions were met and a message alerted us with a SCALP BUY NOW !. At this point, we would enter a Buy trade, and start scalping….


Another example of a prefect scalp trade. Once again all 3 conditions were met and message alerted us with a SCALP SELL NOW!. At this point we would enter a Sell trade, and start scalping….

Buy-Sell Zone

An excellent indicator especially on lower time frames. This tool literally plots the Buy/Sell shades right on your chart. The green area is a good area to Buy and the red area is a good area to Sell. With this one, its better to confirm the trade with other signals. You will learn about that as you go along with these descriptions.

Look at the chart below. There are 2 ways of trading the Buy-Sell Zone however, the best way is wait for a bounce and reversal from the top or bottom line, and enter as the market crosses the middle line. If you are to BUY, then wait for the market to bounce off the bottom line and enter when the market crosses the middle line and enters the BUY ZONE. If you are to SELL, then wait for the market to bounce off the top line and enter when the market crosses the middle line and enters the SELL ZONE….

Indicators : AutoproWS + BB BuySell Zone + Dream Signals Scalper + MH Arrow Signals + RX5-Bars (Version 3.0-mq4) No Official User guide included but the guide is the official sales page. I will include a converted PDF guide.

Official Website: http://www.fxatrade.com/forex-software/dream-signals-3

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